SKG is approved by several automotive manufacturers and rank1 suppliers.
We are positioned as a rank 3 supplier in this sector.
Our last ISO TS 16949 certification will allow our company in the near future to occupy the rank 2 for the activity of injection moulding and chrome plating components in ABS / PC - ABS .
SKG applies the following techniques for this sector and remains open to all the innovations and suggestions of its partners:

Treatments Specifications Performance
Anticorrosion Zinc plating AlKaline without cyanide reinforced passivation Cr III top-coat finish Salt spray test :200H white rust 600H red rust Thickness :Zn>10ยต
PC/ABS injection moulding 100-160 Tons/robotized prehension Aspect parts
ABS/PC-ABS Metallization Bi-nickel/satin finish /3Q7/Bright nickel/Cr III & Cr VI Conformity to adhesion tests, thermal cycle and Cass-test /Thicknesses according to constructors requirements/ Interior and exterior parts .